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Welcome to Eventworks, where our event production services and technology are crafted to meet your every need. With a commitment to excellence, we meticulously manage every detail of your event from start to finish. Whether it's a conference, seminar, or team-building retreat, trust Eventworks to deliver an unforgettable experience tailored specifically to your vision.

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Our event production services and technologies are designed to meet your every need. Whether it's a conference, product launch, board meeting, town hall, or gala, EventWorks will deliver an unforgettable experience tailored to your vision and goals.

We'll help you set up your perfect event.


From startups seeking to make a bold impression, to established enterprises aiming to revitalize their brand presence, we pride ourselves on delivering innovative and tailored corporate audio visual event solutions for in person, virtual, or hybrid events, regardless of size. We understand that each business is unique with diverse aims and needs, and we are dedicated to bringing creative ideas and event technologies to the table that perfectly align with your vision and goals.


We provide audiovisual solutions that highlight your uniqueness, elevating your nonprofit or foundation and leaving a lasting impact on clients, donors, boards, supporters, members, volunteers, and guests alike. Whether you represent a charitable initiative, community outreach program, national association or foundation, or a well-established nonprofit, our team can help you deliver highly creative approaches to in-person or virtual events to support your organization’s objectives. We have an understanding of the diverse needs within the nonprofit sector and and are committed to helping you highlight your distinct mission and goals.


For associations, we can help you create impactful experiences for your members, partners, and stakeholders. Whether you're hosting a large industry conference, a professional development seminar, or an annual general meeting, we understand the critical importance of delivering engaging content and seamless technical execution. Our team collaborates closely with your organization to design audiovisual solutions that align with your goals, ensuring clear communication, smooth transitions, and an engaging atmosphere.

Event Spaces & Venues

We are dedicated to providing customizable event services to elevate any experience, whether you own, manage, or work in an event space or venue. From music halls to theaters to restaurants, wineries, hotels, hangars, open spaces, and galleries, our state-of-the-art audiovisual services will leave a lasting impact on your clients and create an immersive live event they will want to come back to. We ensure every detail is fine-tuned to match the unique ambiance and identity of your event and event space.


Events commonly blend in-person and virtual participation, demanding compelling delivery for both. We specialize in engaging both in-person and virtual audiences effectively, utilizing high-quality audio/video, polls, Q&A, emoting, live commentary, expressive identities, and interactive mixed-reality technologies. Our approach transforms attendees from passive viewers to active participants, enhancing the live event experience no matter where your attendees are.
Virtual and Hybrid Events


We enhance events of all sizes with high-quality video projections and digital displays creating beautiful, informative, and content-rich experiences for your audience. Use of VR / AR, real-time visualization, and video mapping technologies can also elevate an event to a whole new level of immersion and engagement.


Audio quality influences trust and whether people believe what they hear. A skilled sound engineer must understand nuance and possess an ear for fidelity, warmth, and the optimal dynamics for an event. We only deploy premium audio technologies for events of all sizes and types to always ensure a high quality experience for attendees, free from issues like distortion, harshness, or feedback. Virtual events have similar concerns, with unique challenges related to bit rates, codecs, compression, bandwidth, mixing, and software selection, all of which we meticulously address.
Premium Sound


Our lighting team offers a wide range of services, from subtle elegance to stunning extravagance, including gobo projections, spotlights, uplighting, color washes, ambient lighting, black lights, string lights, fire effects, lasers, and light sculptures to elevate your event to its fullest potential.


Our live production services are designed to bring your event to life while providing you with peace of mind, thanks to experienced technical directors who oversee every aspect of the production process. We begin with comprehensive pre-planning to understand your vision and objectives, creating detailed cue sheets and run-of-show documents that outline the timing, actions, and transitions. This ensures a smooth flow for everyone involved. We lead talent rehearsals and tech checks, covering audio, video, and lighting allowing us to identify areas of refinement or catch any unanticipated issues before the event goes live. Our contingency planning includes backup systems and procedures to gracefully handle unexpected challenges, ensuring your event continues seamlessly even with a surprise.
Live Production


Event space diagramming and layouts help visualize and plan the event space with precision and creativity. We work closely with you to ensure that every aspect of your event is optimized for attendee flow, functionality, acoustics, line of sight, accessibility, safety, and aesthetics enabling you to make informed decisions and use your space most effectively.


Collaborative partnerships enhance event experiences and reduce production complexity. We can be your fully outsourced AV team supporting event planning, event production, and event logistics, or a per-event partner to augment your in-house staff when scale and fresh ideas are needed. Either way, we enjoy ongoing event partnerships most because of the teamwork and comradery allowing you to focus on the core objectives of your event.
Entertainment Services


Our entertainment programming service designs and coordinates captivating event lineups tailored to your audience’s preferences. We meticulously schedule performances, ensuring seamless transitions and maximizing engagement throughout the event. Leveraging top-tier talent and cutting-edge AV technology, we create unforgettable experiences that leave a lasting impression.

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